Crispin School

Working from Home

During any lockdowns initiated by the Government students will continue to follow their timetable from home using Remote Learning via Microsoft Teams. All lessons will be taught live with some blended learning independent tasks being set to promote healthy screen time usage.

Students will meet with their tutor once a week and optional enrichment activities will be set each day to support students' wellbeing.

Where students need to self-isolate, teachers will set work for each lesson via Teams and ensure students have access to all resources needed.

Basic Guide for Microsoft Teams

How to Join a Live Lesson from Microsoft TeamsStudents will also need to log in to their school email accounts. Student email addresses are their log in number followed by the school email address (e.g.

Student passwords are the same as their school computer passwords. All students are asked to check their ability to log in and let the school know prior to closure.

If students have difficulty opening any files as they do not have Microsoft Office or the relevant applications, then a free piece of office software called LibreOffice can be downloaded from here.

Last Updated: April 2021

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