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Parents Evenings

Parents Evenings are organised along Year Group lines. There is one evening for each Year Group per academic year. The evenings are a chance for parents/carers and students to receive feedback and ask any questions about student progress.

Appointments are five minutes in duration. Should parents/carers wish to discuss matters in greater detail they should contact the student's tutor for any general matters, and the subject teacher for any more detailed subject specific discussion.

18th November 2021 16:00 - 19:00 Year 10 Parents Evening
9th December 2021 16:00 - 19:00

Year 11 Parents Evening

17th February 2022 16:00 - 19:00 Year 9 Parents Evening
17th March 2022 16:00 - 19:00 Year 8 Parents Evening
31th March 2022 16:00 - 19:00 Year 7 Parents Evening

Guide to booking through the new systemHow to attend your appointments via video callIf you are having problems connecting via video call please refer to the troubleshooting guide here.

Parents will be able to book two weeks before the evenings.

Please note that the booking system will close 24 hours prior to the evenings.

Parents Evening Booking System

Last Updated: September 2021

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