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Trips and Visits

At Crispin, we offer a wide variety of trips and visits to enrich the lives of our students.  Some of these relate directly to the curriculum while others allow the opportunity to experience culture and living in other parts of the world.  Below is a list of recurring trips that take place throughout the academic year.


Students studying Art and Photography at GCSE level go to the Eden Project to exercise their skills in the natural form.  Whether taking beautiful pictures of insects not native to the UK or painting an impressionist piece of exotic plants, students that attend this trip always glean a wealth of knowledge and experience.


Year 8 go to Lulworth Cove to carry out field work in regards to geography and geology.  It's an important trip that will teach students about coastlines and the impact the tides can have on an ever changing landscape.


Year 11 geographers embark on a fieldwork visit to Bristol.  The students are taken on a boat tour provided by the Bristol Packet boat company.  They tour the harbour seeing how the city has changed and the redevelopments that have taken place over the years.  They then spend a couple of hours carrying out an investigation into what extent the harbourside development has been a success.

For History, forty Year 9 students have the opportunity to go on a 3 day battlefields tour of Belgium and Northern France.  The trip is designed to support the GCSE course ‘Medicine Through Time’ as there is a specific module on Britain on the Western Front and gives students a deeper understanding of the context of the First World War.


In December, we hold our annual carol service in Wells Cathedral.  The choir warms up for this event by singing at local nursing homes and at Clarks' Village.  We also hold a joint Christmas concert with Brookside Academy.


English and Drama GCSE students visit a regional or national theatre to see a professional production to allow them a greater insight into the texts that they are studying.  This trip is essential to furthering English GCSE results.


Year 10 Art and Photography students will be offered an opportunity to take photos and draw animals from life at Bristol Zoo.  The visit includes an educational talk where students get the opportunity to touch and draw animals at close contact.  The work the students produce will go towards their GCSE Natural forms coursework project.


Year 9 Art and Photography students are offered an opportunity to be introduced to some of the greatest works of Art in London galleries.  The galleries vary each year but have included The Tate Modern, National Portrait and National Gallery.

Other Trips

We also run a wealth of other trips that are arranged throughout the school year.  These trips are subject to date changes year on year but they are still frequently run.

During the February half term holiday, some Year 10 students go on a skiing adventure to a specially chosen resort around Europe.

Performing Arts

The Drama and Music Departments, along with many other colleagues, help the students to put on the annual school show.  In the past we have produced Our House, Oliver, Seussical, Grease and Bugsy Malone among many others.  This year our Production is Sister Act.

At various stages throughout the year, the Performing Arts team take students to local theatres to see productions and there is an annual trip to London to see a musical performance.  They also round off the year with the performing arts show in Strode Theatre, a chance to celebrate the achievements of the past year and to say goodbye to our year 11 performers.


The Lyme Regis field work trip takes place in the first year of the GCSE geography course.  Students will spend time on Monmouth beach collecting data to prove whether physical processes are taking place.  They will take beach transects and measure pebble sizes to compare the theory learnt in classes to the real world environment they are observing.  They will also spend time learning about the sea defences that are being put in place in Lyme Regis.

The Plas Pencelli visit is an optional 3 day visit offered to year 7 students.  

Friday will be spent exploring the sites of the Somerset floods in 2014 and the lower course of the River Wye between its mouth at Chepstow and Monmouth.  In the evening, students will take part in settling in activities.  

Saturday involves canoeing down the River Wye between Hay-on-Wye and Glasbury.  During this activity we learn about the features of the middle course and flooding.  On our return to the Centre we will study more about flooding and flood prevention as well as doing other activities such as orienteering.

The Sunday activity is a Gorge walk involving jumping down waterfalls and getting very wet in a river.  This will help teach students about the upper course of a river.


Students in Year 9 are given the opportunity to qualify for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award with hiking and camping activities arranged in the spring and summer terms.

Last Updated: September 2019

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