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Following the success of our Key Stage 3 multi skills club on Tuesday and Wednesday, we saw over 120 students take part in PE clubs or representing the school this week.

Mendip Schools X-Country Championship
We had runners from every year group compete for Crispin in the Mendip Schools X-Country Championships. Every runner did themselves and the school proud, with a handful of students being selected to represent Mendip in the Somerset Schools Championship in a couple of weeks time.
The Year 9 Girls Football
The Year 9 Girls Football Team put in a spirited performance against an experienced Kings Academy side, as they lost in the Somerset Cup. We hope that the game inspires even more girls to attend our football clubs, which are open to all students.
Finally, over 100 students attended handball, netball and football clubs.
We are so pleased to see students taking advantage of Crispin’s enrichment programme across the school, particularly after so many months without being to provide any over the last 2 years.

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