Student Leadership

We value the importance of your voice at Crispin. We have listened to your opinions about how to shape the future of the school and as such we are keen for you to feel a sense of ownership over the decisions made.

At Crispin we have many opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills to prepare them for life post education. A school is only as good as its students and as such, we want our students to feel like they can carve the path that Crispin will walk through.

This is why we decided to have a whole school democratic voting system to appoint our new House Captains and Vice House Captains. We are delighted to announce that the following Year 11 students were appointed after a very gruelling application process:

Corvus: Millie Chant and Lois Crouch  Falco: Molly Ingram and Lily Milford


  Sturnus: Erica Varney and Dragos Ojog  Tyto: Damian Harvey and Callum Strange


As wonderful as it is having our eldest students in positions of leadership, we also value the leadership skills and opinions of our younger students too. We are currently having an in-tutor vote for two students from every group to create our four House Councils, which will ultimately become our school council when combined. Meetings will happen termly and we welcome your tutor groups’ opinions on issues such as the food served, behaviour around the school site and the design and structuring of the site itself.

Furthermore, we also have our six Head Students. These students are the people we turn to, to speak at public events, lead students in the moral and social conduct and act as a connection between staff and students. Mr Reddick and Mrs Cowper meet with the Head Students once every fortnight. 

Left to Right: Anna Rose, Eloise Frankland, Sam Gilby, Gracie Donaghy, Lizzie Mower, Dillon Pusey.


"We are all very pleased to have the role as Head Students and our goal for the year is to make Crispin more environmentally friendly. We also aim to make sure all students feel at ease in school and we want to maintain our happy school atmosphere. This opportunity is a huge one and we want and we want to make sure all students feel welcome and supported, especially our youngest students whilst they settle in." -Head Students

Last Updated: June 2019