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Crispin has a unified reporting system across the school.  A full report and two progress reports are issued each year (three progress reports for years 10 and 11).  These reports include: the students’ Attitude to Learning (Outstanding, Good, Adequate, Requires Improvement and Serious Concern), their GCSE Target Grade and a comment on their current progress (Key Stage 3) or a projected grade (Key Stage 4).

This system was introduced as a result of the removal of Key Stage 3 levels and the introduction of new GCSEs.  We wanted a clear system that was not overly complicated but which gives the school, students and parents/carers regular guidance on student progress. 

Parents/carers are emailed on the publication due date with a link to the report.  Also, if you have downloaded and are using the MyEd App, reports will appear on your child’s page.

Academic Targets Update

Targets are set for students at the start of year 7 based on their Key Stage 2 SAT results and with reference to the latest GCSE results nationally.  These targets are used for years 7 and 8.

In year 9 these targets are updated as students begin their GCSE courses using the latest national GCSE data for each subject. This is the first year that the new style GCSE results have been taken for many subjects.  Schools will not be sent the draft target data until December.  I will be basing individual targets for every student in years 9 and 10 on this new data.  We will report on Attitude to Learning for every student in years 9 and 10 in the first initial draft report published on Friday 15th November.  This report will be republished with the revised targets and latest teacher predictions at the end of term.

It is important to note that targets are likely to change due to the impact of the new GCSE exams, this does not mean that students have done worse or better at Key Stage 3, merely that the new targets take the grade boundaries used in 2018 into account for each subject.


Last Updated: October 2021

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