Pupil Email and Sharepoint

To login to your school email account click here and enter your login details. The username is your computerloginnumber@crispinschool.co.uk. Your password is the same as the one you use to log in to the school computers.

Once you are logged into your school email you can access Sharepoint.

Sharepoint is a Microsoft Cloud storage system. It is completely online which means that you are able to access files wherever you have internet access.

Your teachers have uploaded documents that they feel may be of use to you at home. These might be revision booklets, homework activities, practice exam questions, or useful screenshots showing some of your collaborative work in lessons. It is the same as the PupilShared folder on the school network but with selected files for home use.

How to access the Crispin Sharepoint?

Login to your school email account using the information above.

Select ‘SharePoint’ from the table of icons:

Select the 'Crispin School SharePoint' from the left hand side under 'Featured links'. This will take you to the list of subject areas:

Each subject area has a folder structure. To return to the subject homepage select 'Home' above the name of the subject. To return to the list of subjects select 'SharePoint' in the header banner.

Last Updated: September 2018