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At Crispin, students choose their options in the Spring Term of Year 9. We firmly believe in students being able to choose from a wide range of subjects which allows for a degree of personalisation to their curriculum while also following an academic core.

The majority of students choose either Geography or History and a Modern Foreign Language (French or Spanish).  All students are then allowed to follow an additional two courses which could include more than two of the options above or another two subjects from a wide range of academic and technical options.  In Year 9 students still continue with four hours of PE a cycle as well as a discrete Philosophy course.  In addition, we have introduced an expanded new course, Society, Relationships and Values, to cover a wide range of areas that students will have to deal with in their lives.  This course contains elements of careers and employability education, religious education and personal, social and health education.

Finally, enrichment is seen as being very important at Crispin and students have a wide range of opportunities to learn outside formal lessons.  Such opportunities include school trips, sporting activities, music, dramatic productions, work experience, visiting speakers and school leadership opportunities.  The core values of ‘Aspiration, Compassion and Excellence permeate all areas of school life.

Please click here to view the Key Stage 4 Options booklet.

(NB: The booklet is included to give some broad information, however, the structure of the Options system has now changed)

Please click here to view the latest Options presentation.

Updated: February 2021

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