Exam Dates 2018-19 Year Group Exams
19th November - 30th November Year 11 Autumn Prelim Exams Timetable
25th February - 8th March Year 10 Spring Prelim Exams Fortnight
5th March Year 11 GCSE Drama Practical Exam
18th March - 29th March Year 11 Spring Prelim Exams Fortnight
25th & 26th April Year 11 Art & Photography Exams
29th & 30th April Year 11
1st May - 3rd May Year 11
13th May - 17th June Year 11 Main GCSE Summer exam season
17th June - 26th June Year 11 Exam board contingency period
17th June - 28th June Year 7, 8, & 9 Summer exams fortnight
22nd August Year 11 Results Day

Key Stage 3 Exam Calendar 2018/2019

Key Stage 4 Exam Calendar 2018/2019

Year 11 Exams

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