At Crispin we provide students with the opportunity to have meaningful encounters with a range of employers. This in turn allows them to develop their employability skills, raise their aspirations and understand the various industries and educational paths open to them. Below are the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks as outlined by the Government in April 2018 that we will be working towards to ensure our students are well equipped and prepared for a work situation.

Inspiring students and supporting their aspirations is important to us at Crispin. We provide a series of careers events, ranging from information sessions, workshops and PHSE lessons to guide students throughout all stages of their education. Some of the events we have held, or are planning to hold, include:

  • PHSE lessons: Year 9 investigate a range of careers and Year 10 look at writing CVs and covering letters which leads into a Mock Interview Day run by local employers;
  • Year 9 Careers Fair visit;
  • Year 10 Alumni Careers events;
  • Year 9 Future First event to work with our alumni to raise aspirations of our students;
  • Visits to, or from, local businesses and organisations to inspire and allow students to consider a range of career options;
  • An Apprenticeship Information Evening for the students and parents of Years 10 and 11;
  • A Tomorrow’s Teachers programme for any aspiring future teachers to learn about the career by visiting a range of teaching organisations;
  • A construction Talent Academy for students to trail a range of construction disciplines with a leading energy employer.

In Years 10 and 11, students also have an appointment with Mrs Creed, an independent and impartial careers adviser, who comes into school twice a week.  We provide additional careers meetings for our Pupil Premium students. Students in other years can request an appointment with her by speaking to their tutor.

All year 10 students are also provided with the opportunity to complete a week’s work experience in July. Students are supported to find their placements by accessing a database of local employers that have offered placements previously, alternately students are free to seek a placement through their own contacts. All placements are assessed for their suitability and contacted prior to the week’s experience. Students keep a detailed log during their week, which encourages them to reflect on the array of new skills they are developing.

Any queries regarding careers event or work experience please contact Mrs Jarrett, Employability Coordinator via office@crispinschool.co.uk

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Last Updated: February 2019