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In PSHE we aim to equip students for the 21st century. PSHE education is the school subject through which children and young people acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives now and in the future.

We aim to support the students’ physical and mental health and well being, develop their non-cognitive skills, and support safeguarding.

PSHE is delivered to every year 7 and 8 group for one hour a fortnight by a range of teachers, each bringing their own personal qualities and attributes to the subject.  Our lessons include a variety of resources, video, quizzes, debates, internet based enquiry, scenario cards and, wherever possible, we invite outside speakers into the classroom to work on particular facets of the scheme of learning.

Although statutory PSHE is still ‘just around the corner’, we cover a wide range of topics which are relevant to the students’ ages and experiences.

Below is our programme of study for the year 2021-2022.  Due to the changing nature of children’s lives, this is never set in stone and can change from one term to the next.

Topics covered this Academic Year

PSHE Program of Study - Year 8

Society, Relationships and Values (SRV)

Society, Relationships and Values continues our 'whole child' education where PSHE left off. In years 9 and 10, students have two lessons a fortnight and one a fortnight for year 11 covering a range of topics and themes.

Please find our programme of study below.

SRV Programme of Study - Year 9

In year 10 and 11 students will continue the work in a cyclical programme.  They have one lesson a fortnight of SRV which will include an element of KS4 RE.

Please see the programme of study outlined below.

SRV Programme of Study - Year 10

SRV Programme of Study - Year 11

Last Updated: September 2021

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