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Character and Opportunities

At Crispin, we value character education as highly as we do academic education. We strive to develop the soft skills in all of our students that will allow them to flourish and prosper in the ever-changing wider world.

The emphasis that we place on developing Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication skills is clear within the PiXLEdge programme at the heart of our tutor time work. Students are encouraged to try new things, seek challenge and develop resilience as a consequence. Leadership is central to our 'Aspire' philosophy. We encourage leadership ventures and opportunities every day. We, of course have our strong student leader role models in our Head students, House Captains, Prefects and House Council, but we are also honing the leadership skills of our youngest students to ensure we are always training the next generation of leaders.

We have listened to the wider world, the world of business and commerce. They have given feedback that shows a renewed emphasis on communication skills. Teamwork, empathy and kindness are qualities that we value and reward highly at Crispin. Students are encourage to develop these qualities through our rich PSHE programme, our commitment to the importance of group work and our engagement with programmes such as 'Up for Debate'. 

We encourage students to take risks in a safe environment, with support and encouragement. We ensure that all students find projects of interest and feel able to organise and initiate events associated with their passions.

This year we are launching the Aspire programme for Year 8 students. This programme will encourage students to extend their love for learning, choosing custom built extension projects to engage them across their learning. Each project is steeped in research and develops students' ability to work independently, encouraging critical thought.

Every year we aim to bring a wide variety of speakers into school to challenge all our students but particularly the students with high aspirations. Over the last couple of years we have had a number of politicians including James Heappey and Caroline Voaden, an Environmentalist, a Communications expert from Sky News and a Member of the House of Lords. These Q&A sessions allow students the opportunity to ask questions and challenge their own pre-conceived ideas.


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Updated: February 2020

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