Falco is the Latin name for the genus of birds that includes peregrine falcons and kestrels.

The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on the planet, able to reach a diving speed of over 200mph. The fastest recorded dive reached a speed of 242mph! They have been used by humans as hunting tools for more than 3,000 years. Its advantages in falconry include not only its athleticism and eagerness to hunt, but an equitable disposition that leads to it being one of the easier falcons to train.

As such, house Falco prides itself on our sportsmanship and determination.

Falco celebrated a triumphant year last year as House Cup Winners. This showed great determination, participation, and resilience as we trailed in 4th place for most of the year. Winning Sports day at the end of the year was the Grand Finale and very much deserved. This year we welcome our new year 7's and our new House Captains; Molly Ingram and Lily Milford. They are already showing good leadership within the House. We also welcome Mrs Marsh, our new House Learning Coordinator, to the team. Maintaining the top House within the school is one of our goals this year, in this goal keeping the House Cup. However, we hope that our Falco students aspire to be the best that they can be. We hope that they show resilience in everything they do and follow the Crispin 10. I wish Falco House another successful year at Crispin. Miss J Scott, Head of House Falco

Molly Ingram and Lily Milford - House Captains


Miss J. Scott Head of House Falco
Mrs T. Marsh House Learning Coordinator
Ms A. Hindley Tutor of F-ANH
Miss I. McCarthy Tutor of F-IJM
Mr B. Attfield Tutor of F-BFA
Mrs M. Chadwick Tutor of F-MUC
Miss R. Wellbelove (Covered by Dr S. Templeman) Tutor of F-RFW
Mrs R. White Tutor of F-RRW
Mrs S. Moon Tutor of F-SJM
Mr S. Williams Tutor of F-SJW
Miss A. Yeoman Tutor of F-AAY
Mrs F. Eavis Tutor of F-FME

Last Updated: January 2019