Corvus is the Latin name for the genus of birds that includes ravens, crows, and magpies.

Ravens are considered a bird of good omen. In Norse mythology, the Raven was a sign of the Gods. Odin had two ravens called Hugin and Munin who would circle the Earth (Midgard) and report to back to him. If a person saw a Raven or group of Ravens it was considered a blessing from Odin himself.

Also, a legend in the UK says that if the Ravens leave the tower of London, the monarchy will fall.

As such, house Corvus prides itself on our good, caring nature.

Welcome to House Corvus. The Corvus genus has characteristics very much like Crispin students - they are extremely loyal and the most intelligent of all birds. Crows will come to the aid of other crows and flock to support them in times of danger. Ravens are another good example; smart, adaptable, empathetic, and many can even mimic human speech. The humble magpie; loyal, inquisitive, and territorial. Together this group of birds provide House Corvus with a student focus that will become the mantra of Corvus students. Myself and Mrs Maher are proud to welcome all of our Corvus students and are very much looking forward to supporting them on their Crispin Journey. Mr S. Boddy, Head of House Corvus.

House Captains: Lois Crouch (left,) Millie Chant (right)

Member of staff Role
Mr Boddy Head of House
Mrs Maher House Learning Coordinator
Mrs De Sousa SLT House Link
Mrs Turbitt Tutor of C-MJT
Ms Carter Tutor of C-DJC
Miss Shaw Supporting C-DJC and C-AGC
Ms Cotton Tutor of C-AGC
Mrs Plas Tutor of C-RLP
Mrs Johns Tutor of C-SAJ
Mrs Jarrett Tutor of C-RJA
Mr Tipper Tutor of C-GNT
Mr Crutchley Tutor of C-JGC

Last Updated: September 2018