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Health and Social Care

We are very lucky to be able to offer Health and Social Care as a BTEC qualification in Keystage 4. This is a vocational course and is divided into three components.

Component 1 – Human Lifespan Development

This is studied in Year 9. Students learn how human beings grow and develop throughout their lives. In Year 10, they will do two assignments based on this component. These assignments are marked internally but assessed externally and are worth 30% of the final mark.



Component 2 ­– Services and Values

This component is mainly covered in Year 10. Students learn about the importance of health and social care services, barriers to accessing them, the care values which health care professionals abide by and how to react to feedback. There are two more assignments undertaken for this component – one in Year 10 and the other in Year 11. This component is worth 30% of the final mark.

Component 3 – Synoptic Component

This is an exam-based component. The exam is taken in February or May of Year 11. The work for this component is a mixture of the previous components’ work, looking at health indicators and looking at how to write a health care plan.

Please find below the Health and Social Care Curriculum Journey.

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