Absence Procedures

At Crispin we have a minimum target attendance of 96% for all pupils.

Good attendance is essential if any pupil is to make the most of their ability and perform well in examinations.

Good attendance shows commitment and a desire to learn. The first question asked when prospective employers or schools/colleges ask for references is frequently related to attendance. This often comes before questions about honesty or examination results.

Please click here to view or download our Attendence Matters leaflet.

Absences must be notified every day. On return to school, a note should be handed in to your child’s tutor.

If your child is absent from school for three or more days due to illness, we need either an appointment card or a copy of the prescription.

We do not need a doctor's note

UTTL PN Information for Parents Regarding Term Time Absence

Absence Hotline: 01458 449419
Attendance Officer: 01458 442714 and option 1
Email: absence@crispinschool.co.uk

We have a number of staff members who will provide support for parents and pupils where there are concerns about attendance.

Attendance Officers: Mrs A. Pereira, Mrs J. Lee
Parent and Family Support Advisor: Mrs T. Randall
Education Welfare Officer: Mrs M. Simpson (County)

If your child has to leave during the day

It is of vital importance that you follow this procedure if your child needs to leave school during the course of the day.

A signed and dated note from you needs to be presented to Mrs A. Pereira at the student reception in the morning. Mrs Pereira will check that someone will collect the student at the needed departure time.

When the student leaves, they must sign out at the student reception. If they will be returning, they must sign back in again upon arrival.

Last Updated: February 2019