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Business Studies

This course aims to give students an in-depth knowledge of how businesses work, from small home-run businesses to international corporations and covers a wide range of sectors and industries.  GCSE Business Studies focuses on all the main elements of business including business organisation (ownership, aims and objectives), recruitment, marketing, production and finance.  Throughout the course students will meet people from the world of work and will learn about entrepreneurship and how to start a business. 

Curriculum Content

During the three year course students will complete the following units of work:

Year 9 - Unit 1: Business activity, marketing and people

Students will learn about the marketing mix, entrepreneurship and how to produce a business plan.  Students will create their own business plan and present it to an investor.

Year 10 - Unit 1: Business activity, marketing and people

Students will learn about the purposes of different businesses whether they are a private business, a publicly funded organisation or a charity.  Students will also learn about business ownership and the different sectors of industry.  The human resources element will focus on the different departments in a business, the importance of managing a workforce, including recruitment and training.

Year 11 - Unit 2: Production, Finance and External Business Environment

Students will learn about the different methods of production and systems used for quality assurance.  Students will also learn about the importance of keeping accurate financial records and how to produce key financial documents.  Finally, they will learn about the economy and how it impacts on organisations.     


This course is assessed in Year 11 by:

  • Exam: 100%
    • Unit 1: 90 minute written examination paper (50%).
    • Unit 2: 90 minute written examination paper (50%).


Students are encouraged to read the business section of national newspapers to keep up-to-date with current affairs, they will all take part in weekly business news quizzes. Students may also find programs like Dragons Den and The Apprentice useful in developing their business understanding and terminology. Useful websites include:

BBC Bitesize - GCSE BusinessBBC Business News

Last Updated: February 2021

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