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Crispin is an academy providing high quality education for students aged 11-16 from Street and across Mid-Somerset. Crispin is a very popular school which is highly regarded for its academic achievement, wider opportunities and the individual care it offers to young people. Students are happy and parents know that their children will be joining a strong, positive, caring community where everyone can thrive. Learning, in all its senses, is at the centre of everything and we help students to develop as happy, well rounded individuals who always strive to do their best.

We aim to provide the highest standards of education for all students. Every child matters greatly at Crispin and we seek to ensure all students do as well as they possibly can across all areas of school life. Students are encouraged to try new ideas, not to be afraid of failure and to increase their resilience. We recognise that qualifications are the keys to doors which open further opportunities and we prepare students well to ensure success. Children who come to Crispin will develop creatively, intellectually and broaden their horizons. We want our students to become responsible citizens who play an active role in society.

We unashamedly promote traditional values of respect, good manners and hard work but harness these within an education preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

We seek to promote a genuine partnership between home and school based on mutual trust and respect. We welcome existing and prospective parents and students and we are always keen to meet you and show you around Crispin.

Paul Reddick 

Last Updated: February 2022

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