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Crispin School Trustees are volunteers drawn from different parts of the community, helping to ensure that there is a diversity of views and experience. They are elected for a period of four years.

Their main role is to help the school raise the achievement and aspirations of our pupils. As a Trustee Body they:

  • Are accountable for the performance of the school to parents and the wider community.
  • Help plan the school's future direction.
  • Approve the budget.
  • Help in the appointment of staff.
  • Ensure that the National Curriculum is taught effectively.
  • Ensure pupils' spiritual, moral and social development.
  • Make certain the school provides appropriately for all its pupils.
  • The Trustee Body is a corporate body.

Individual trustees have no power or right to act on behalf of the Trustee Body except where the whole Trustee Body has delegated a specific function to that individual or where regulations specify that a function is exercised in a particular way.

Trustee Body

The full list of trustees can be found here.

Karen Harley (Clerk to the trustees):

Committee Timetable - 2021 - 2022

Trustee's Report and Financial Statements

Register of Business Interests

Crispin School Academy Trust Financial Statement 2017-2018

Crispin School Academy Trust Financial Statement 2018-2019

Crispin School Academy Trust Financial Statement 2019-2020

FGB BAA Attendance 2019 - 2020

Crispin School Funding Agreement

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Training & Development for Trustees, Directors & Clerks

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