The Crispin 10

The Crispin 10 is a set of rules we've set out to ensure our school is a safe and pleasant learning environment for all students. We expect all students to follow these rules at all times, any breach of which will initiate the 'Parking' procedure and potentially lose them some social time.

Social Time Conduct

  • I always follow any instructions given by a member of staff when first asked.
  • I respond to staff and students in a kind, considerate and respectful way.
  • I dispose of all of my litter in the bins provided, taking care of the school environment.
  • I respect that the spaces belong to everyone, I share them fairly and considerately.
  • I am sociable, I don’t use my mobile phone or earphones. I sit on chairs when in the hall, stacking them neatly when finished.
  • I queue in an orderly and respectful manner.
  • I always wear my uniform correctly and respect the uniform of others.
  • I make my way to my next lesson on the first bell in a calm and considerate manner.
  • I always walk on the left hand side.
  • I hold doors open for others when it is appropriate.

Behaviour for Learning

  • I arrive dressed in the correct uniform.
  • I wait to be welcomed into the room by a member of staff. I respect other student’s personal space.
  • I always sit in the teacher’s seating plan. I stay in my seat unless invited to move around the space.
  • I am silent whilst the register is taken.
  • I have all of the correct equipment for learning ready for the lesson.
  • I complete all extended learning set to the best of my ability and submit it on time, even if I am absent when it is set.
  • I learn to the best of my ability and participate actively, with resilience during the lesson.
  • I follow all instructions given by a member of staff without negotiation.
  • When someone speaks I listen. When I wish to speak, I raise my hand. I always use appropriate and respectful language.
  • I leave my classroom in a calm and orderly manner when dismissed. I leave the classroom calmly and as I would wish to find it.


  • All students are expected to follow the Crispin 10.
  • If I am not following the learning expectations I will be warned twice.
  • If I have not responded to the two warnings, I will be reminded of the expectations outside of the learning space.
  • If I continue to not meet the expectations I will be parked in another classroom to continue my learning. This is non-negotiable.
  • At the end of the lesson I will return to my teacher to show the work I have completed.
  • A letter will be sent home with a lunchtime detention date set to inform my parents/carers.

Updated: September 2018