Teaching Staff

Name Initial Subject Responsibilities
Miss F. Adie FEA French, Spanish, PE
Mr B. Attfield BFA Science
Mrs C. Baumgardt CLB Drama, DT, Photography Head of Drama
Mr S. Boddy SPB History, SRV Head of Corvus House
Mr M. Bowker MAB PE, BTEC Sport. Maths Head of Sturnus House
Mrs J. Boyce JEB English
Miss H. Brookes HAB English, Media, Communication, Core Support Second in English
Mrs E. Buchanan ELB Spanish
Mrs R. Burrell RLB BTEC Health and Social Care. Beliefs and Values, SRV
Ms D. Carter DJC Science, Core Support
Mr S. Casebourne SWC History, SRV, Philosophy Assistant Headteacher
Mrs M. Chadwick MUC Science, Philosophy ELT
Ms E. Chorley EMC Science, PSHE
Ms A. Cotton AGC Art, Design Technology
Mrs J. Cowper JRC English, Drama, SRV Assistant Headteacher
Mr J. Crutchley JGC ICT Head of ICT
Mrs S. Daw SLD Design Technology, Graphics, Mathematics, Philosophy
Mrs F. Eavis FME French Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Miss H. Forward HMF Mathematics Assistant Headteacher
Miss R. Garrard RLG Science, ICT, PSHE
Mrs V. Gibson VXG PE, BTEC Sport
Miss. C. Green CNG Science
Miss I. Hambly ISH Spanish, German, French
Miss T. Harris TEH English, Media, Core Support
Miss A. Hindley ANH French, PSHE, Philosophy, Core Support Head of PSHE and
Mrs N. Hockley NRH History Head of History
Mrs R. Hofgartner REH Science Head of Science
Mrs A. Isted AHI Design Technology, Timber, ICT, Art, PSHE, SRV
Mrs R. Jarrett RJA Geography, Explore, Philosophy, SRV Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mrs S. Johns SAJ English, Media, Beliefs and Values
Miss A. Keast AJK Mathematics Head of Mathematics, ELT
Mrs A. Kench AEK Mathematics
Mrs S. Lewis SHL MSC Partnership Manager
Ms V. Leyland VSL SRV, PSHE, Core Support, PE SENCo, ELT
Miss J. Maher JMM English, SRV
Mrs J. Maxfield JDM Art, Photography Assistant Headteacher, Head of Art and Photography
Miss I. McCarthy IJM Design Technology, Food, Art
Miss J. Mitchell JLM Mathematics
Ms N. Mitchell NAM English, Philosophy, Core Support
Mrs S. Moon SJM Science, Philosophy Second in Science
Mrs A. Nash AMN Music, History
Mrs M. Norman MLN Science, SRV
Mr A. Perry APY Mathematics ELT, PiXL Raising Standards Lead
Ms R. Plas RLP Art, Design Technology
Mr A. Priddice AJP PE, BTEC Sport, ICT, Philosophy
Mr P. Reddick PAR Headteacher
Mrs A. Rice ARI French, German, Core Support Head of Tyto House, Associate Assistant Head
Mrs C. Rubbo CJR English
Mr S. Scarborough SDS PE, BTEC Sport, Philosophy Head of PE
Mrs J. Scott JES PE, BTEC Sport, BTEC Health and Social Care, SRV Head of Falco House
Miss N. Shaw NGS Mathematics
Miss S. Shire SLS PE, Mathematics
Mrs B. De Sousa BDS French, PSHE, SRV, Core Support Deputy Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss V. Stofell VVS MSC Assistant Partnership Manager
Mrs V. Thompsett VCT Mathematics Second in Maths
Mr G. Tipper GNT Beliefs and Values, RE, SRV, Philosophy Head of Beliefs and Values
Mrs J. Turner JTT English Head of English, ELT
Mrs J. Turner JLT Music, PSHE Head of Performing Arts
Miss R. Wellbelove RFW English, Media, Core Support, Philosophy
Mrs R. White RRW Business, ICT
Mr S. Williams SJW Geography, History Head of Humanities Faculty, ELT
Miss A. Yeoman AAY Geography, Business Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator

Support Staff

Name Initial Responsibilities
Mrs T. Barsdell TJB Assistant Finance Officer
Mr S. Baumgardt SWB IT Network Manager
Mrs S. Beck SLB Art Technician & Displays
Mrs L. Brimson LAB Science Technician
Mrs W. Carpenter WLC DT Technician/Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss L. Charles LLC Pastoral Support Manager
Mrs N. Durant NND Reception/SENCO’s Secretary
Miss S. Emery SEE MSC General Administrator
Mrs G. Ensor GVE Visitor Receptionist/Administrator
Mrs S. Franks SF HR Officer (Tuesday and Thursday)
Mrs R. Frankland RAF Library Coordinator, PR/Communications
Ms K Harley KLH Clerk to the Governors
Mrs D. Harris DLH HR & Admissions Administration
Mrs R. Helps RLH Reports, Data, and administration
Mrs M. Henderson MDH Examinations Officer
Mr J Higgins JHI Behaviour Support Coordinator
Mrs J. Highet JEH Business Support Team Leader/Cover Manager
Mrs B. Hiscocks BBH Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S. Hopkins SMH MSC Administrator
Mrs A. Jackson AJJ Senior Finance Officer
Mrs L. Job LMJ First Aider/Student Reception
Mrs L. Knowles LPK Science Technician
Mr T. Lay TAL ICT Technician
Mr M. Ledbury MRL DT Technician
Mrs J. Lee JKL House Learning Coordinator (Sturnus House)
Mrs H. Lewis HLL Head’s PA
Mrs S. Maher SKM House Learning Coordinator (Corvus House)
Mrs T. Marsh TMM House Learning Coordinator (Falco House)
Miss C. Owen CLO DT Technician
Mrs A. Pereira ALP Attendance Officer
Miss S. Plowman SCP Assistant Finance Officer, Lunchtime supervisor & MSC
Mrs T. Randall TJR PFSA
Mrs R. Reid RJR Learning Supervisor
Mrs M. Salter MAS Morning Receptionist
Mrs B. Shelly BJS Science Technician
Mrs C. Spurway CAS Head’s PA
Mr R. Sutherland RWS Business Manager
Mrs J. Tonkins JMT House Learning Coordinator (Tyto House)
Mrs A. Wood AJW Library Coordinator
Mrs F. Wyatt FFW Resources
Mrs M. Wyatt MEW Communications & School Shop Manager

Teaching Assistants

Name Initial
Mr C. Davison CJD
Mrs A. Duddridge AJD
Miss C. Fouracres CJF
Mrs J. Fox JEF
Mrs B. Heal BRH
Miss A. Holgate AEL
Mrs J. Hooker JML
Miss A. Lockyer ALL
Mrs A. Loxton AML
Miss J. Rowland JJR
Miss A. Sukiennik AMS
Miss S Szigeti SJS


Name Initial
Mr M. Cribb MJC
Mr L. Pereira LMP

Last Updated: October 2018