Crispin School


Teaching Staff

Name Initial Subject Responsibilities
Miss L. Addicott LCA Design Technology,  Engineering
Miss L Aller-Gonzalez LAG Spanish
Mrs A. Isted AHI Design Technology
Mrs M. Angelosanto MJA Geography, Curriculum for Life
Mr B. Attfield BFA Science, Philosophy ELT, Heal of Philosophy and Metacognition
Mrs R. Attfield RLA Science
Mrs C. Baumgardt CLB Drama, Design Technology Head of Drama
Miss H. Brookes HAB English, Media, Foundation Project Second in English
Miss C. Bryan CJB English
Mr L. Bullock LMB Mathematics Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 4)
Ms D. Carter DJC Science, Curriculum for Life
Mrs M. Chadwick MUC Science ELT, ITT Coordinator
Dr. S. Clarke SSC History, Philosophy


Ms. H Cole HCC Religious Studies

Head of Religious Studies

Mrs A. Cooper-White ACW Music, Drama

Head of Performance Faculty

Mrs K Cornick KCC Business Studies, Curriculum for Life Deputy Headteacher
Mr L. Cornwall LJC Religious Studies, Citizenship, Curriculum for Life Deputy Headteacher
Miss N Corrè NAC French
Ms A. Cotton AGC Art, Design Technology
Mrs S. Daw SLD Design Technology, Graphics, Photography
Mrs L. Dumble LRD Mathematics
Mrs J. Farbus JFF English
Mrs H. Fletcher HLF Mathematics Head of Mathematics Faculty
Miss. C. Green CNG Science, Mathematics
Ms C. Hagii CMH English
Mrs T. Hawkins TAH Computing Head of Computing

Mrs R. Hofgartner

REH Science Head of Science Faculty
Miss S. Horne SEH Science Assistant Headteacher
Mr O. Horner OCH PE, Mathematics, Business Studies Head of Corvus House, ELT
Miss R. Kirkman RHK Mathematics
Mr G. Lewis GHL Geography
Miss E. Mancer EFM Spanish, French Teacher in charge of Spanish
Mr D. Mason DPM History, Philosophy Head of History
Mrs E. Maude EKM Mathematics Assistant Headteacher
Mrs J. Maxfield JDM Art, Photography, Design Technology Head of Creativity and Innovation Faculty, ELT
Miss I. McCarthy IJM Design Technology, Food, Art, Curriculum for Life
Miss J. Mitchell JLM Mathematics
Mrs S. Moon SJM Science Second in Science
Mrs M. Norman MLN Science, Mathematics
Mr B. Percival BRP English
Mr A. Perry APY Mathematics Second in Maths
Mr A. Priddice AJP PE, Sport, Curriculum for Life, Religious Studies Head of Curriculum for Life
Mr P. Reddick PAR Headteacher
Mrs R. Reid RJR English
Mrs A. Rice ARI French, Curriculum for Life Head of Languages Faculty, Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mrs J. Scott JES PE, Health and Social Care Head of Falco House
Mr L. Scott LAS PE Head of PE
Miss M. Stamp MJS Science, Mathematics
Miss A. Steer AAS PE, Sport, Curriculum for Life
Miss S. Szigeti SJS Spanish, Curriculum for Life, Philosophy
Mr. S. Thomas-Boddy SPB History, Foundation Project, Curriculum for Life Associate Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion) SENDCo
Miss M Townsend MRT Music Head of Sturnus House
Mrs J. Turner JTT English Head of English Faculty, ELT
Miss R. Wellbelove RFW English, Drama, Foundation Project
Mr R. Weymouth RAW Mathematics Head of Tyto House
Mr S. Williams SJW Geography Head of Humanities Faculty
Mrs M. Wills MAW Art, Design Technology
Miss R Wood RCW English Leadership of School Literacy Strategy and Independent Writing
Miss A. Wyatt AWW History, Philosophy

Support Staff

Name Initial Responsibilities
Mrs R. Argent RAA Communications & Events Manager, PR, Enrichment Support
Mr S. Baumgardt SWB IT Network Manager
Mrs L. Brimson LAB Senior Science Technician
Miss C. Burridge CXB Lead First Aider
Miss L. Charles LLC Pastoral Support Manager
Miss A. Cree ADC Art Technician
Mrs D. Drew DMD Safeguarding Officer
Mrs G. Ensor GVE Visitor Reception/Administrator
Ms K. Harley KLH Governance Professional
Mrs R. Helps RLH Reports, Data, and Administration
Mrs H. Herbert HLH Head’s PA
Mrs J. Highet JEH Operations and Cover Manager
Mrs M. Hobson MJH PFSA
Mrs S Hopkins SMH HR Administrator
Mrs A. Jackson AJJ Finance & Payroll Manager
Mrs S. Jenkins SJJ Visitor Reception/Administrator, Admissions
Mrs S. Maher SKM House Support Worker
Ms T. Paterson TPP Visitor Reception/Administrator 
Mrs A. Pereira ALP Attendance Officer
Mrs G. Pope GFP Creativity & Innovation Technician
Mrs N Popham NMP Exams Administrator
Mr. M. Pople MJP DT Technician
Mrs B. Shelly BJS Senior Science Technician
Mrs M. Simpson MCS Art Technician
Mrs L. Smalldon LLS Assistant Finance Officer
Mrs V. Spencer VSS Assistant Finance Officer
Mrs C. Spurway CAS Head’s PA
Mrs R. Stanley RAS Conduct Coordinator
Mr R. Sutherland RWS Business Manager, SLT
Mrs J. Tonkins JMT Inclusion Manager
Ms B. Turney-Wieland BTW Library Coordinator
Mrs R. Viecili RFV Cover Supervisor
Mr J. Weller JJW IT Technician
Miss H. Williams HLW House Support Worker
Mrs J. Wilson JDW Exams Officer

inclusion support

Name Initial
Mr J. Cabble JSC
Mrs B. Heal BRH
Miss A. Holgate AEL
Mrs J. Hooker JML
Miss L. Hunt LJH
Mrs C. Leitch CLL
Miss A. Lockyer ALL
Mrs A. Loxton AML
Miss L. McArthur LKM
Mrs J. Mogg JJR
Mrs A. Payne APP
Mr D. Williams DXW


Name Initial
Mr M. Cribb MJC
Mr L. Pereira


Mid Somerset Consortium (Based At Crispin)

Miss F. Govier                                                          Operations Manager

Mrs J. Lock Smith                                                 Partnership Manager

Miss V. Stoffell                                     Assistant Partnership Manager



Last Updated: June 2024

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