Lockdown procedures

Along with many other schools, we have been reviewing the safety of students and staff, particularly relating to the threat of violent intruders coming onto the school site. In response to this, Crispin have drafted a document which sets out the procedures to be followed in such an event. Training for staff and students will be key to managing this process. The following information sets out an action plan for training and information giving. This will be launched in September.

The following actions will be taken and documented in order to provide further advice and guidance on the lockdown procedures, actions to be taken to stay safe, and what to do if members of the armed police response unit are called to school:

  • Staff informed about lockdown policy.
  • Staff receive copy of the map of the school - with access points and alternative exits from the school highlighted.
  • Staff training on the Run, Hide, and Tell practice (Appendix A).
  • Click here to access the National Counter Terrorism Security Office.
  • Students informed about lockdown procedure.
  • Information to parents via the school website and social media that we have a lock down procedure.
  • Conduct a number of table top exercises with the senior management team to test the procedures against a variety of scenarios.

Last Updated: December 2018