As well as being fully committed to the education of the whole child, we fully appreciate the importance of students achieving the best possible outcomes. Students at Crispin have consistently achieved strong examination results. We were particularly delighted that results were markedly above the national and local average in terms of student achievement and progress.

Girls, Boys, Students with High, Mid and Low Prior Attainment, Pupil Premium and Non-Pupil Premium Students, Students with SEN, and those without all made above average progress.

2018 Results

The precise nature of performance in 2018, particularly with regard to student progress, will not become fully clear until January 2019 when all the national results are published.

Additionally, the introduction of Grades 9-1 in a wide range of subject makes it extremely difficult to make direct comparisons with results in previous years.

The DfE provisional school performance data will be included when it is released. There will be links to the data on Crispin’s website. These links will show Crispin’s performance and there is also a link to comparative Somerset data.

Such information is of use but it also has its limitations. It does give an indication of school performance but it will also reflect historical decisions about curriculum structures which may affect accountability measures. It also reflects what happened to students at a secondary school between 2013-18 rather than what will happen in the future. However, prior performance can sometimes be a good indicator of what will happen in the future; though sometimes it is not.

It is also really important to recognise that many aspects of a school’s life and indeed performance cannot be easily translated into easily measurable data: just because something is not easily quantifiable it does not mean that it is not of vital importance.

There is no doubt that schools faced many challenges in the last couple of years. One of the most difficult was knowing how student performance would translate into the new 9-1 grades in a wide range of subjects.

Additionally, care should be taken when analysing this data as it is provisional, for example a number of students are likely to see re-marks lift grades. Time will tell how much difference this will make to overall figures.

One of the most heartening aspects of the results appears to be the proportion of Crispin students who gained the crucial new 9-5 grades in English and Mathematics for the second year running. Our results in this regard are markedly above the local and national average. The Attainment 8 figure is also likely to be well above the national average (this refers to the absolute performance in the Best 8 subjects). This is despite students’ attainment prior to Crispin being below the national average. The Progress 8 figure is also likely to be positive and among the strongest in the South West. This figure has been positive for the last three years.

The results reflect the commitment of students and teachers in the last five years. It is extremely heartening to see students make extremely strong progress at Crispin.

2018 Crispin Exam Results Press Release

2018 Results

Progress 8 Achievement 8 Students Achieving a Standard Pass (4+) in English and Mathematics Students Achieving a Strong Pass (5+) in English and Mathematics
Crispin 2018 +0.35 49.6 76% 53%
Local Authority Average -0.14 44.7 63% 39.1%
National Average -0.02 44.3 66% 39.9%

2018 DfE School Performance Data





Last Updated: October 2018