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As well as being fully committed to the education of the whole child, we fully appreciate the importance of students achieving the best possible educational outcomes. The precise nature of results varies from year to year according to the cohort in question but students at Crispin have consistently achieved strong examination results around, or markedly above, the national average.

The final details with regards to student performance in 2022, particularly in terms of student progress, will not become fully clear until January 2023 when all the national results have been published.

Such information is of use but it has its limitations. It does give an indication of school performance but it will also reflect historical decisions about curriculum structures which may affect accountability measures. It also reflects what happened to students at a secondary school between 2017 and 2022, and at their primary school before that, rather than what will happen in the future. Although prior performance can sometimes be a good indicator of what will happen in the future; sometimes it is not.

To give you one example, nationally students do less well in Modern Foreign Languages than in other subjects. In recent years the percentage of students taking a Modern Foreign Language at Crispin has greatly increased. We believe this is a desirable development, but all things being equal, at any school this is highly likely to have an adverse effect on some performance data with regards to progress and attainment.

Whether students at Crispin have achieved results well in excess of national and local performance or around the national average, we have long stressed that it is also really important to recognise that many aspects of a school’s life, and indeed performance, cannot be translated into easily measurable data. Just because something is not easily quantifiable does not mean that it is not of vital importance.

While schools must always have one eye on how they will fare vis-à-vis performance data, this is not our prime driver. We seek to offer a Crispin curriculum that is the most suitable for students across our area.

School Performance Data for 2022 can be found HERE

Please note the guidance from the Department for Education:

Uneven impact of the pandemic on 2021/22 school and college performance data

We recommend:

  • Not making direct comparisons with data from previous years or between schools or colleges.
  • Discussing with the school or college factors that may have influenced these results and consider a range of information when forming a view on how well a school or college is doing, including pupil/student population information.

Last Updated: November 2022

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