The Crispin Alumni is a community of ex Crispin students who we invite to come back into school and help out with events, mentoring, and career advice; we have also visited them for some work experience. We started the project in July 2016 and we now have over 500 Alumni - A number that is growing daily.

If you are a Crispin Alumni and would like to be involved or notified of alumni events, please click here to sign up.

Not only do our students benefit from the experience but our Alumni do too. Here are some quotes from them: 

It was really nice to meet some lovely students who are so incredibly thoughtful and concerned about their futures. It was a pleasure to think I may have helped in some small way.

Being an Alumni at Crispin is great because I feel like I’m helping those younger than me.

Fabulous groups of students to work with who are interesting and engaging. Great to be able to share experiences and expertise.

We run a number of events with our Alumni, these include:

  • Year 7 - Settling in assembly
  • Year 7 - Why are the subjects I learn important for future careers
  • Year 7 - Work experience visit to Rendezvous Café
  • Year 8 - Options advice
  • Year 8 - Identifying strengths
  • Year 10 Aspirations for the Future
  • Year 10 Employability Skills
  • Year 11 raising aspirations
  • School of Rock

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Last Updated: September 2018