Year 7 Glastonbury Pilgrimage 2018

This year’s Glastonbury Pilgrimage took place on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th July. All of Year 7 Mendip travelled on the first day, with the slightly smaller Quantock cohort on the second. Students all made the journey by foot from school, along the pilgrims’ way, and dropping down Wearyall Hill to the town centre, led by school staff and Leofric, a living history guide from Glastonbury Abbey. Students paused at the Holy Thorn for a short rest and a moment of reflection.

As part of the day students were welcomed into St John’s church in Glastonbury, where Rev MacGeogh told them about the history of the building and the legends of the holy thorn. They were also invited to see the sanctuary and high altar and were shown components of the Christian Holy Communion.

In the Abbey grounds, students were given guided tours of the Abbey ruins, investigating the many years of history and the lifestyle of the monastic community. They took part in experiential calligraphy workshops and took part in a stilling and mindfulness session led by our very own Mrs Webb. Students also participated in a fun and challenging session on Christian values delivered by Pastor Dylan from Street Harvest Church.

After a full and exciting day, students caught coaches back in time to Crispin for the end of the school day.

The Glastonbury pilgrimage is a special day of learning and reflection for all our students and is only made possible by the continued support of our amazing community links. I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has made this year another memorable event and look forward to continuing to work with you all next year.