Gifted and Talented Programme

The Gifted and Talented programme at Crispin has been designed to raise the aspirations and achievement of all pupils with a particular focus on our gifted and highest attaining pupils. We predominantly focus on supporting and providing experiences for pupils in the top 10% of each year group, however all pupils will be provided with opportunities to aim high and to challenge themselves.

At Crispin we are creating a culture of challenge where our pupils are consistently challenged and tested in lessons and outside the classroom environment. Some of our exciting programmes/opportunities that our pupils took part in are below. We look to continue these ventures and to add to them for the forthcoming year.

  • A question and answer session from James Heappey
  • MEP visit from Clare Moody
  • The Brilliant Club is ran from Years 7-10 where pupils had to attend tutorials, write essays, and visit two Russell Group Universities, last year they were Exeter University and Cardiff University
  • David Crystal English Talk Strode
  • Robotics Transition session with years 6 and 7
  • Advanced Robotics GT session years 8 and 9
  • Electronics Transition GT session with years  6 and 7
  • Independent Projects and Presentation Year 7
  • Oxford Aspirations – visit of year 10 to Huish Episcopi followed by a joint visit to Oxford University with Huish Episcopi and Stanchester pupils.
  • Attended a talk from BBC news correspondant Simon Hall

The Gifted and Talented Register includes the top 10% of pupils based upon CAT scores, Lucid Tests and KS2 levels.

However, we recognise that all students have the ability to go above and beyond, and will encourage all pupils to put themselves forward for opportunities to challenge themselves further.

Our most successful programme is the ‘Scholars programme’ which is a project set up by the ‘Brilliant Club’ who give our pupils the amazing experience of working with PhD tutors from universities, allowing them to work in small groups, where they learn advanced content and receive detailed and constructive feedback. To find more out about the Brilliant Club please click here.

If you have any further questions on Gifted and Talented provision at Crispin, please contact Mr Cornish, our Gifted and Talented Coordinator.