Tyto is the Latin name for the genus of bird that includes all barn owls, grass owls, and masked owls.

The barn owl can fly almost silently. This enables it to hear the slightest sounds made by its rodent prey hidden in deep vegetation while it’s flying up to three metres overhead. The barn owl’s heart-shaped face collects sound in the same way as human ears. Its hearing is the most sensitive of any creature tested.

As such, house Tyto prides itself on our wisdom and resourcefulness.

Tyto House has ten tutors from a variety of different subjects who offer a wealth of experience in supporting our students and encouraging them to take on new challenges offered at Crispin. Each tutor group has an owl mascot - some have even been traveling with their group!

Mrs A. Rice Head of House Tyto
Mrs J. Tonkins House Learning Coordinator
Mr A. Priddice Tutor of T-AJP
Mrs C. Baumgardt Tutor of T-CLB
Mrs N. Mitchell Tutor of T-NAM
Mrs H. Parsons Tutor of T-HLP
Mrs R. Burrell Tutor of T-RLB
Mrs K. Nicholson Tutor of T-KLN
Miss N. Williams Tutor of T-NRW
Mr R. Mason Tutor of T-RKM
Mrs S. Daw Tutor of T-SLD
Mrs V. Gibson Tutor of T-VXG - IronMan Accredited!
Mr S. Baumgardt Network Manager
Mr T. Lay ICT Technician

We also have a number of excellent support staff in House Tyto.

When I learnt that I was to be the Head of Tyto House, it felt very fitting. Our house colour, purple, is identical to Cadburys's Dairy Milk and is a personal favourite, so clearly a match! When we moved to a house system I was a little uncertain about whether the competition element was really my thing, but it turns out that Tyto were in for a shock. Two weeks into their new House and I lost my voice shouting encouragement at them on Sports Day - not too dissimilar to the Barn Owl shriek to those nearby I would imagine! The competition had begun and with only a 5 point margin, Tyto won Sports Day 2017. An amazing start and a success we will work our hardest to retain. -Mrs A. Rice, Head of House Tyto

Tyto House is very fortunate to run by a variety of subject teachers, and supported by our very own Barn Owl Mrs Tonkins. We are currently still riding high from winning the 2017 Sports Day Cup, our first House-Team venture!




Ty the Owl

As a tutor in the new vertical system it was really important to me that all of my tutees felt that they belonged to the T-CLB family, so I decided to make a Tyto mascot that represented all of us.

Each member of T-CLB told me a little bit about themselves when they first arrived in my group and I used this to choose a fabric for each of them, so Ty the Owl has 24 unique feathers (and one little Bee) which will be added to each year with incoming new members of the tutor group.



Last Updated: October 2017