Sturnus is the Latin name for the genus of bird that includes all species and sub-species of starling.

During the winter you may be lucky enough to see a starling murmuration. These flocks gather in the evening and perform amazing aerobatic displays before dropping into their favoured roost sites. Flocks provide safety in numbers for birds returning to roost as predators find it hard to target individual birds. In addition, they benefit from the warmth of other birds and the opportunity to exchange information. They are one of the most efficient birds at working together in their flock.

As such, House Sturnus prides itself on our teamwork and efficiency.

The House system has offered us an opportunity to really expand our horizons and House Sturnus has made an excellent start in our quest to rewrite history at Crispin School. Having narrowly missed out on the opening House prize of the Sports day Cup in July 2017 by a mere five points, the team are ready to do battle in the first full academic year as we endeavour to get our hands on the first House Cup!

The Head of House, Mr Walby, has inherited a superb selection of tutors with a diverse range of talents and skills keen to inspire and motivate the students of Sturnus to great things. The team comprises of the following members of staff:

Mr O. Walby Head of House Sturnus
Mrs J. Lee House Learning Coordinator
Miss H. Forward SLT House Link
Miss A. Kench Tutor of S-AEK
Miss R. Garrard Tutor of S-MLN
Mr A. Perry Tutor of S-APY
Mrs A. Lomax Supporting S-APY
Miss F. Adie Tutor of S-FEA
Miss H. Brooks Tutor of S-HAB
Mrs J. Butler Tutor of S-JJB
Ms C. Vickery Tutor of S-AHI
Mrs R. Hofgartner Tutor of S-REH
Miss R. Francis Tutor of S-RNF
Miss T. Nel Tutor of S-TYN

Additionally, there are a number of other support staff that are attached to Sturnus House.

The students of Sturnus have made a fantastic start to the new year and look ready to achieve great things. I am hopeful that the House competitions will see a big green turnout that will serve the dual purpose of enriching the school lives of the students and accruing a number of points towards our overall total.

I am also hopeful, and feel very positively, that the new House system will foster a sense of family within the Sturnus House and an opportunity for the students to develop leadership skills that will see the older students become fantastic role models for those in the lower years.

The atmosphere that I have witnessed in the vertical tutor groups has been nothing short of transformational and it is creating a culture where the students look after each other and care for the well-being of their peers. Additionally, the students have been exemplary in assembly and when lining up for a fire drill. The students have shown a mature attitude and look fantastic in their uniform.

The next few weeks, months, and years promise exciting things, but for now we will concentrate on enjoying and participating in each House event and seizing opportunities with a smile on our faces. Sturnus: soaring above the rest.

Last Updated: September 2017