Falco is the Latin name for the genus of birds that includes peregrine falcons and kestrels.

The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on the planet, able to reach a diving speed of over 200mph. The fastest recorded dive reached a speed of 242mph! They have been used by humans as hunting tools for more than 3,000 years. Its advantages in falconry include not only its athleticism and eagerness to hunt, but an equitable disposition that leads to it being one of the easier falcons to train.

As such, house Falco prides itself on our sportsmanship and determination.

Welcome to Falco House. Falcons are birds of prey, they are strong, powerful, and fast. We hope that on their Crispin journey our Falco family develop the same mental strength and ‘can do’ attitude to life and learning. We want our students to believe that they can achieve and be the best that they can be. This is not just about academic success and achievement, but in all areas of their lives. We want them to develop into well rounded young adults, able to cope with the demands of daily life. Miss Scott, Miss Sheppard, and the Falco tutors are looking forward to supporting them through the next 5 years. -Miss J Scott, Head of House Falco

Jay Blackwood and Connor Stringer - House Captains


Miss J. Scott Head of House Falco
Mrs A. Sheppard House Learning Coordinator
Mrs A. Hindley Tutor of F-ANH
Mrs I. McCarthy Tutor of F-IJM
Dr J. Bryant Tutor of F-JKB
Mrs J. Maxfield Tutor of F-JDM
Mrs M. Chadwick Tutor of F-MUC
Miss R. Wellbelove Tutor of F-RFW
Mrs R. White Tutor of F-RRW
Mrs S. Moon Tutor of F-SJM
Mr S. Williams Tutor of F-SJW

Last Updated: October 2017