Transition Arrangements

Transition from Primary School to Secondary School

NoneParents / Carers need to submit their child’s admission form directly to Somerset County Council. The entry deadline for September 2018 is 31 October 2017. Please refer to the link below for help regarding transition, such as the application form.

Bus passes will be issued within six weeks of the start of the academic year. Passes will be delivered to the school and will be given out to all new students. The pass will expire at the end of the student’s time at the school and should be kept for travel in future academic years. Please see our transport page here for more information.

Crispin is fully committed to ensuring that the transition between primary and secondary school is as smooth as possible. The prioritising of this area has led to extremely successful outcomes over the last two years. There are two main reasons for this focus:

1. We want all of our students (current and prospective) to be as happy as possible and we want to reduce as much of the angst that can take hold of students in the period between primary and secondary.

2. We believe the smoother the transition, the better the learning will be from day one which benefits all parties

Primary students have the chance to visit Crispin at various stages in their journey and we are developing these links further this academic year. Mrs Rice and Mrs Cowper have already met a number of primary school colleagues to discuss forging ever closer links. In the year before entry, we run three Open Mornings and one Open Evening. Additionally, we are delighted to organise any other visits or meetings to discuss any points further.

When Crispin receives details of the students who will be joining us we start to liaise with their schools to ensure the path between schools is as smooth as possible. Mrs Rice and Mr Reddick visit every student who will be joining us in their primary schools to give an overview of life at Crispin and deal with any questions that students may have. Mrs Leyland also liaises closely with schools to ascertain any additional needs of students who will be joining us. Finally, students have the chance to visit Crispin on two transition days in July.

What happens if I miss the deadline or want to change my preferences after the closing date?
Please note, it is the parent/carer's responsibility to make an on-time school place application. If you are making an application after the closing date, it will be classed as late and your application will be considered according to the following dates. For applications received by 23 March 2018 County will aim to send outcomes on 4 May 2018. 

Applications received after 23 March 2018 will be processed in strict date order of receipt.

Who do I apply to?
All applications for a secondary or upper school place in September 2018 must be made to your home authority.

Key Colleagues involved in transition

  • Mrs Rice - Transition Coordinator
  • Mr Reddick - Headteacher (SLT responsibility for overseeing transition to Year 7)
  • Mrs Cowper - Assistant Headteacher (SLT responsibility for school outreach)
  • Mrs Harris - Admissions Officer
  • Mrs Leyland - SENCo

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