At Crispin, we expect our pupils to take pride in their appearance and portray a positive impression of themselves and the school at all times. Our uniform provider is Jual Clothing and uniform can be ordered directly from them.


  • Black school trousers (no jeans, chinos, jeggings, leggings, jogging bottoms, or any other variant. Trousers that are tight down to the ankle are not permitted. Bootcut trousers are acceptable.)
  • Black knee-length skirt (no lycra or other stretchy material.)
  • School blazer
  • School clip-on tie
  • White shirt (must be able to be tucked in)
  • Black leather shoes that can be polished (No trainers, boots, or canvas equivalents)
  • One pair of ear studs is permitted (No stretchers, dangly earrings, hoops, tongue studs, or facial piercings)
  • Hair should be natural in colour and not of an extreme style (Mohicans, skinheads, or tramlines are not acceptable)
  • Pupils will be lent and expected to wear school uniform if theirs does not meet the required expectations

Unwanted School Uniform

We are always short of spare school uniform. We sometimes lend school uniform to pupils whose own needs repairing or is not consistent with the school uniform policy. We would love to have your old school uniform to recycle within the school community.

Please send your items (especially larger sized blazers) to reception where it will be gratefully received.

Last Updated: September 2017